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The BakGlo

The greatest man’s invention after fire.

Heat your back

SINCE 1999

Have you ever sat in front of a campfire on a cold evening, only to have your front bake while your back froze? This ingenious device is the answer to this problem.

BakGlo is a reflective sheet that clips onto almost any chair (especially good with folding chairs). It is curved down behind, and partly under the chair to reflect the radiant heat from the fire towards your bottom and back.

Invented by an avid camper, this new product is made from a highly reflective metalized PVC, specially designed to capture a campfire’s radiant heat and reflect it upward behind you

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This product is excellent. It works just as it states on the package. The instructions are strait forward and it is easy to snap it on the chair. I have been camping for 35 years. I always had to put a pillow or a blanket behind me and now I don't have to worry about it. I now have a BakGlo. Thanks BakGlo!!
Pierre Tremblay
It takes time to get the heat to radiate but it works well! This is great!
Ryan King
Read about your product in the Ottawa Citizen. I had to get one since I like to roast myself like a marshmellow. Great product!!
Mary Scott
We need another one. We are fighting already with the one we have. Where can we buy another one. Great idea!!
Jean Gagnon