"This product is excellent. It works just as it states on the package. The instructions are strait forward and it is easy to snap it on the chair. I have been camping for 35 years. I always had to put a pillow or a blanket behind me and now I don't have to worry about it. I now have a BakGlo. Thanks BakGlo!!"

P. Furlong, Peterbourgh, ON

"It takes time to get the heat to radiate but it works well! This is great!"

M. Rydberg, West Guilford, ON

"This has been a great use with the weather that we have been having these last weekends."

S. Larocque, Gatineau, QC

"I love this product! What a great idea!! Thanks!"

M. Philips, Aylmer, QC

"As a 58 years old person with arthritis, I am able to stay up longer around the fire because of the heat."

D. Brown, Smith Falls, ON

"It made my butt super warm!"

P. Brenan, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Our fire was not big but you could feel warmth on the foil."

S. Gratton, Hearst, ON

"Excellent product! We will definitely pass the word about how good this product is."

E. Deschenes, Chicoutimi, QC

"Read about your product in the Ottawa Citizen. I had to get one since I like to roast myself like a marshmellow. Great product!!"

E. Veillette, Gatineau, QC

"The BakGlo worked quite well for me."

R. Shurtliff, North Gower,ON

"We finally had a chance to use this, the product worked very well. We didn't have to leave the fire as early as thought."

M. Swan, Cambridge, ON

"Thank you! It made our evening campfire much more enjoyable."

R. Patterson, Sydenham, ON

"Very surprised on how well this works!"

J. Carrier, Cornwall, ON

"Works well around the campfire. My back did not get cold."

C. Swan, Cambridge, ON

"A real conversation piece. Felt the heat! Kept the dampness away."

R. Dobson, Barrie, ON

"Works as advertised. Who could ask for more? Great long overdue idea!!"

S. Reid Kanata, ON

"Good idea and light weight!!"

B. Wardrop

"We were part of a focus group for this product. This product is great!"

J. Bourk

"Reflected heat from our stone fire pit. Also protection from breeze (wind)."

P.Dobson Barrie, ON

"Worked really well around the campfire. My back did not get cold."

J. Zilney, Novar, ON

"I was very surprised to see how effective this was!! Love it!"


F. Beatey

"We need another one. We are fighting already with the one we have. Where can we buy another one. Great idea!!"

H. Fraser, Vancouver, BC


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